Editor’s Choice – Volume 16 N° 2

David Cella et al provide an overview of the history of Quality of Life research, and review studies on the development, validation and application of Health-Related Quality of Life measures in psychiatry, looking at how they can provide us with valuable patient perspectives.

Monika Bullinger and Julia Quitmann examine the use of Quality of Life as a patient-reported outcome, discuss the methodological problems involved, and look at the various measurement instruments available.

Hans-Peter Kapfhammer reviews a wide range of pharmacological treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Current Issue

June 2014 - Vol 16 - No. 2

Patient-Reported Outcomes in Psychiatry

In This issue

Dieter Naber, César Carvajal

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Patient-reported outcomes in psychiatry

Norman Sartorius (Switzerland)

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A history of health-related quality of life outcomes in psychiatry

Dennis A. Revicki; Leah Kleinman; David Cella (USA)

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Quality of life as patient-reported outcomes: principles of assessment

Monika Bullinger; Julia Quitmann (Germany)

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How to assess quality of life in child and adolescent psychiatry

Ulrike Ravens-Sieberer; Anne Karow; Dana Barthel; Fionna Klasen (Germany)

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Challenges in measuring outcomes for caregivers of people with mental health problems

Xavier Y. Zendjidjian; Laurent Boyer (France)

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Patient-reported outcomes before and after treatment of major depressive disorder

Waguih William IsHak; James Mirocha; Sarah Pi; Gabriel Tobia; Bret Becker; Eric D. Peselow; Robert M. Cohen (USA)

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The assessment of quality of life in clinical practice in patients with schizophrenia

Anne Karow; Linus Wittmann; Daniel Schöttle; Ingo Schäfer; Martin Lambert (Germany)

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Assessment of patient-reported symptoms of anxiety

Matthias Rose; Janine Devine (Germany,USA)

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Patient-reported outcomes in post-traumatic stress disorder Part I: Focus on psychological treatment

Patricia d'Ardenne; Sarah Heke (UK)

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Patient-reported outcomes in post-traumatic stress disorder Part II: Focus on pharmacological treatment

Hans-Peter Kapfhammer (Austria)

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Patient-reported outcomes in obsessive-compulsive disorder

Mythily Subramaniam; Pauline Soh; Clarissa Ong; Lee Seng Esmond Seow; Louisa Picco; Janhavi Ajit Vaingankar; Siow Ann Chong (Singapore)

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Patient-reported outcomes in borderline personality disorder

Gregor Hasler; Christopher J. Hopwood; Gitta A. Jacob; Laura S. Brändle; Thomas Schulte-Vels (Switzerland,USA,Germany)

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