Editor’s Choice – Volume 17 No 4

This issue of Dialogues in Clinical Neuroscience looks at the complex topic of emotions.The subject is examined from a variety of different perspectives, to aid our understanding of emotions and their involvement in the etiology, diagnosis, and treatment of psychiatric diseases.

Emotions are widely altered in many psychiatric disorders, such as manic and depressive states or in schizophrenia. Alan Anticevic et al focus on emotional dysregulation in schizophrenia and major depressive disorder, looking at dysfunctions of hedonic and anticipatory behavior in reward-seeking. The unique disturbances in each disorder involve dissociable neural systems and interactions between affect and cognition.

The consequences of dysfunctions in emotion processing on social functioning, as well as the direct effects of psychotropic drugs such as antidepressants on emotions (independently of depression) are analyzed. Catherine Harmer and Abbie Pringle describe the modulation of emotional processing by antidepressants in healthy volunteers, and highlight the potential usefulness of human models in testing the efficacy of new treatments and identifying the individual patients or subgroups of patients who could best benefit from them.

Finally, Mark Leary emphasizes the important role of rejection as a threat to acceptance and belonging in humans, and examines seven emotions such as hurt feelings, jealousy, shame, guilt, and loneliness, in terms of their evolutionary functions and the brain regions involved.

Current Issue

December 2015 - Vol 17 - No. 4


In This issue

Dieter Naber, MD; David R. Rubinow, MD

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Emotional processing needs further study in major psychiatric diseases

Florence Thibaut (Editor In Chief)

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Affective preclinical modeling of psychiatric disorders: taking imbalanced primal emotional feelings of animals seriously in our search for novel antidepressants

Jaak Panksepp (USA)

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Affiliative and prosocial motives and emotions in mental health

Paul Gilbert (UK)

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Emotor control: computations underlying bodily resource allocation, emotions, and confidence

Adam Kepecs; Brett D. Mensh (USA)

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What develops during emotional development? A component process approach to identifying sources of psychopathology risk in adolescence

Katie A. McLaughlin; Megan C. Garrad; Leah H. Somerville (USA)

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The rise of moral emotions in neuropsychiatry

Leonardo F. Fontenelle; Ricardo de Oliveira-Souza; Jorge Moll (Brazil)

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Emotional and cognitive dysregulation in schizophrenia and depression: understanding common and distinct behavioral and neural mechanisms

Alan Anticevic (USA)

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Emotional responses to interpersonal rejection

Mark R. Leary (USA)

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Compound facial expressions of emotion: from basic research to clinical applications

Shichuan Du; Aleix M. Martinez (USA)

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Measuring facial expression of emotion

Karsten Wolf (Germany)

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Oxytocin in the socioemotional brain: implications for psychiatric disorders

Peter Kirsch (Germany)

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The effects of drugs on human models of emotional processing: an account of antidepressant drug treatment

Abbie Pringle; Catherine J. Harmer (UK)

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